Operation in Europe

Operation in Europe

Nabtesco group's products and technologies are used in everyday goods as well as a range of transport equipment, industrial robots, construction machinery, and other types of equipment that both support our society and drive it forward. You can find Nabtesco Group companies based in Europe. from here.

Development of software and electric hardware for mechatronic systems

adcos GmbH
Köln, Germany


After sales service of M-800 main engine remote control systems, MG-800 electronic governor systems, Pneumatic maneuvering system and FIVA (Fuel Injection and Valve Activation) valve for vessels.

Nabtesco Marine Europe B.V.
AW Ridderkerk, Netherlands

(Tel) +31-(0)180-530-590
Mail: technical@nabtesco.nl

Corporate venture capital arm of Nabtesco Group with fund commitment up to EUR75 million

Nabtesco Technology Ventures AG
Zurich, Switzerland


Manufacturing, sales, installation and after sales service of automatic doors, gates and platform doors for public transport

Gilgen Door Systems AG
Schwarzenburg, Switzerland


Nabtesco Oclap S.r.l.

Manufacturing, sales and after sales services for all types of railroad vehicle door systems, platform doors and sliding & folding steps for physically challenged passengers

Nabtesco Oclap S.r.l.
Piscina (TO), Italy

(Tel) +39-(0)121-571811 

After sales service, design and sales for packaging machines

Düsseldorf, Germany


Customer-specific development and industrialization of mechatronic drive units in series applications

Limburg an der Lahn, Germany

(Tel) +49-(0)6431-2855-0

Nabtesco Aerospace Europe GmbH

Sales and marketing for MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) business for commercial aircraft component

Nabtesco Aerospace Europe GmbH
Duesseldorf ,Germany

(Tel) +49-(0)211-179328-00

Sales and marketing activities for reduction gearboxes

Nabtesco Precision Europe GmbH
Duesseldorf, Germany

(Tel) +49-(0)211-17379-0


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